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Corned Beef Hash and Eggs
Hearty hash and 2 eggs any style, served with toast $160 Pesos

Eggs Benedict
2 poached eggs resting on an English muffin with Black forest ham and topped with our homemade hollandaise sauce. Served with country potatoes and 2 pieces of bacon or sausage. 
$180 Pesos

Eggs Benedict (VEGETARIAN)
2 poached eggs resting on a bed of steamed spinach nestled on a twice toasted English muffin with our homemade hollandaise sauce. Served with country potatoes and grilled tomato. 
$180 Pesos

Breakfast Burrito
Scrambled eggs, Chorizo, green peppers, onions and cheese, wrapped in a large flour tortilla. Served with country potatoes and salsa $130 Pesos
$130 Pesos

Ramen and Eggs
This is much better than is sounds. A package of Ramen noodles mixed with (2) scrambled eggs. Served with toast.   $85 Pesos (Add shrimp for $75 Pesos)

Breakfast Sandwich
Ham, bacon, fried egg, cheddar cheese, tomato, mayo on toasted multigrain Served with country potatoes  $130 Pesos

Classic Breakfast
Served with country potatoes and toast
1 Egg and 2 Bacon or Sausage
$100 Pesos

2 Eggs and 3 Bacon or Sausage
$125 Pesos

3 Eggs and 4 Bacon or Sausage
$150 Pesos

Biscuits 'n' Gravy $100 Pesos

One by Two
1 egg any style, 1 pancake or 1 French toast, 2 pieces bacon or sausage Served with country potatoes  $130 Pesos

Two by Three
2 eggs any style, 2 pancakes or 2 French toast, 3 pieces bacon or sausage Served with country potatoes  $160 Pesos

Three by Four
3 eggs any style, 3 pancakes or 3 French toast, 4 pieces bacon or sausage. Served with country potatoes  $180 Pesos

Oatmeal & Buttermilk Pancakes
With butter & syrup

Short Stack Pancakes (2)
Buttermilk Pancakes  $70 Pesos
Blueberry or Chocolate Chip  $90 Pesos

Regular Stack Pancakes (3)
Buttermilk Pancakes  $85 Pesos
Blueberry or Chocolate Chip  $100 Pesos

Lighter Fare
Bagel with Cream Cheese $65 Pesos
Toast and Jams $30 Pesos
Seasonal Fruit Plate $75 Pesos
Add Yogurt and Whole Wheat Toast   $120 Pesos
Oatmeal with brown sugar and milk $70 Pesos

Country Potatoes $35 Pesos
1 Egg $25 Pesos 
2 Eggs $50 Pesos
Bacon (3) $60 Pesos
Sausage (4) $60 Pesos

Kid's Menu (12 Years and under ONLY)
Mickey Mouse Pancake                    $60 Pesos
Breakfast 1 egg, 2 bacon, 1 toast        $80 Pesos
French Toast (2)                                 $65 Pesos

16% IVA (Federal Tax) included
French Toast
Classic (3) $140 Pesos
Dipped in our special egg mix and then grilled to a golden brown. Served with butter and syrup and dusted with powdered sugar

Capt’n Crunch (3) $160 Pesos
Classic French toast pressed in Capt’n Crunch cereal and grilled to a golden brown. Served with strawberry syrup and whipped cream

Local Favorites

Huevos Rancheros $100 Pesos

Chilaquiles Rojos $110 Pesos

New York Steak & Eggs
200 gr. New York Striploin Charbroiled to your liking, with 2 eggs any style, served with country potatoes and toast. $300 Pesos

All Omelets are three eggs and come with country potatoes and toast


Ham and Cheese
Black forest ham and cheddar cheese
$160 Pesos

Cheddar, ham, green peppers and onion
$180 Pesos

Swiss, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions
$180 Pesos

Chorizo, oaxaca cheese, onion, jalapeno salsa & sour cream
$180 Pesos

Spinach and Mushroom
Spinach, mushrooms, feta and onions
$200 Pesos

The Works
Ham, bacon, sausage, onion, green peppers, mushrooms, cheddar and swiss
$210 Pesos

Grilled Shrimp
Sweet Succulent Shrimp, cream cheese and pico de gallo
$210 Pesos

Juice: Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Tomato  SM $30 Pesos LG  $50 Pesos

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $50 Pesos

Milk SM $20 Pesos LG $40 Pesos
Chocolate Milk $50

Soda - Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fresca, 7UP, Orange, Root Beer $30 Pesos

Iced Tea / Limonada / Jamaica FREE refills!!! $40 Pesos

Limonada with Mineral Water $40 Pesos 
(No Refills)

Coffee $35 Pesos
Tea $30 Pesos (Black, Green, Chamomile)

Iced Latte / Iced Mocha
We make our own cold brewed espresso from only the freshest ground beans. Our special cold brewing system allows for a much smoother, less bitter espresso $50 Pesos

Our frappe's are also make from our cold brewed espresso. Choose from Latte, Mocha, Mango, Strawberry or Chai $60 Pesos

Choose from Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango or Vanilla $90Pesos

Root Beer, Orange or Coke $90 Pesos


Choose between Orange Juice or Pineapple Juice or walk on the wide side and get both $110 Pesos

Heart Attack
Vodka and Red Bull $150 Pesos

Bloody Mary
Vodka and Tomato Juice $120 Pesos

Bloody Cesar
Vodka, Spices and Clamato $120 Pesos

Bloody Jose
Cuervo, Spcies and Clamato $120 Pesos

Beer, Clamato and Lime $70 Pesos

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