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Served with a spicy deli-style dill pickle and your choice of homemade side: potato salad,
coleslaw, green salad, caesar salad, french fries or onion rings.


Juice: Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Tomato
SM $30 Pesos LG $50 Pesos

Soda -
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fresca, 7UP, Orange, Root Beer
$30 Pesos

Iced Tea/Limonada/Jamaica FREE refills!!
$40 Pesos

Limonada with Mineral Water
$40 Pesos ( No Refills)

Coffee - $35 Pesos
Tea - $30 Pesos

Iced Latte/Iced Mocha - We make our own cold brewed espresso from only the freshest ground beans. Our cold brewing system allows for a much smoother, less bitter espresso.
$50 Pesos

Milkshakes – Choose from Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango or Vanilla
$90 Pesos

Floats – Root Beer, Orange or Coke
$90 Pesos

House White Wine
Pinot Grigio VIVOLO-Italy
Sauvignon Blanc LAS MORAS-Argentina
Chardonnay SANTA CAROLINA-Chile
$120 glass

House Red Wines
Malbec LAS MORAS-Argentina
Merlot Gaetano Daquino-Italy
Cabernet Sauvignon CONCHA Y TORO-Chile
$120 glass

Premium White Chardonnay
Pinter Bridge-California
$400 bottle

Premium Red
Malbec ALTOSUR-Argentina
$400 bottle

Pacifico, Corona or Corona Light $50
Modelo or Negra Modelo $60
Strong Bow Apple Cider $60  

Bloody Caesar $120
Bloody Mary $120
Bloody Jose $120
Mojito $120
Mexican Mojito $140
Blueberry Basil Mojito $140
Fresh Lime Margarita $120
Mango or Strawberry Margarita $140
Cadillac Margarita $170
Pina Colada $120
Strawberry Pina Colada $140
Mango or Strawberry Daiquiri $140
Gin Martini $140
Vodka Martini $140
Premium Martini $170
Black or White Russian $120
Screwdriver $120
Sea of Cortez $120
Blue Hawaiian $120

Adult milkshakes $150
Muddled MInt - Creme de Menthe and fresh mint leaves.
Café Coffee - Kahlua and espresso.
Coco Loco - Malibu and real coconut.
Screwie Louie - Vodka, orange juice & zest.
Peppermint Patty – Crème de Menthe and chocolate.
Polar Bear - Grand Marnier and chocolate.
B52 - Grand Marnier, Kahlua and Bailey’s.
Blueberry Tea - Grand Marnier, Amaretto and Iced Tea.
My Little Hottie - Fireball and Grenadine.
Nut Buster - Frangelico and Chocolate.

Gourmet Hamburgers

6oz. patty charbroiled to your liking

With grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.
$160 Pesos

With cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo.
$180 Pesos

Double Double
Double patty, double cheddar cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo
$225 Pesos

Cowboy Burger
With cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickle, BBQ sauce and onion ring
$200 Pesos

Bacon Blue Burger
With bacon and blue cheese topped with tomato, lettuce and mayo
$200 Pesos

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Topped with grilled onions and mushrooms and topped with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato
$200 Pesos

Patty Melt
6 oz hamburger patty, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, and Cheddar cheese on Rye bread.
$190 Pesos.

Southwestern Veggie Burger
House made and gluten free (without bun)with lettuce, tomato, avocado and sprouts.
$190 Pesos.

Tortilla Soup
Spicy Mexican broth with avocado, Oaxaca cheese and tortilla strips
Bowl $110 Pesos
Add Chicken $50 Pesos

Clam Chowder
New England style Clam Chowder. This creamy soup is loaded with clams and loaded with flavor.
Bowl - $110 Pesos

Turkey Noodle Soup
Succulent Turkey and delicious noodles. Loaded with flavor.
Bowl - $80 Pesos

All our salads come with your choice of one of our home made dressings on the side. Choose from: Blue cheese, Ranch, Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Greek Vinaigrette.
Add CHICKEN for $50 Pesos to any salad.

House Salad
Fresh greens mixed with tomato, cucumber, purple cabbage, carrot and topped with toasted almonds and Craisins.
$110 Pesos

Chef Salad
Fresh Greens, romaine, tomato, cucumber, carrots, purple cabbage, ham, roast beef, Swiss & cheddar.
$185 Pesos

Cobb Salad
Fresh greens topped with egg, bacon, tomato, blue cheese and avocado.
$160 Pesos

Big Fat Greek Salad
Chopped romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, olives & feta served with Greek vinaigrette.
$160 Peso

Hot Sandwiches
Reuben (Corned Beef or Pastrami)
Grilled rye bread piled high with corned beef or pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and served with our thousand island dressing.
$225 Pesos

Philly Cheese Steak
Thinly sliced New York with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and then smothered in provolone cheese on a grilled hoagie roll.
$210 Pesos

French Dip
Thinly sliced deli roast beef and provolone cheese on a grilled hoagie roll served with a side of au jus.
$195 Pesos

Bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato on toasted Multigrain bread.
$170 Pesos

Pulled Pork
Slow cooked pork shoulder with our house BBQ sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun and topped with our delicious coleslaw.
$185 Pesos

Meatloaf Sandwich
Homemade meatloaf topped with grilled onions and provolone cheese all grilled together on Sourdough bread
$185 Pesos

Grilled Ham & Cheese
Black forest ham and cheddar cheese, on your choice of multigrain or sourdough.
$160 Pesos

Cold Sandwiches

New York Yankee
Black forest ham, Swiss, lettuce, tomato, olives, mayo on rye
$175 Pesos

Pastrami or Corned Beef
Your choice of pastrami or corned Beef, provolone, lettuce and tomato on Rye with mustard
$195 Pesos

Veggie Delight
Lettuce, tomato, sprouts, spinach, cucumber and cream cheese on your choice of multigrain or sourdough
$170 Pesos

Tuna or Egg Salad
Tuna or egg salad topped with lettuce and tomato on toasted multigrain bread
$140 Pesos

Gourmet Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Burger
Grilled Chicken Breast with provolone cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions.
$170 Pesos

Chicken Pesto
Grilled chicken breast with grilled red peppers, grilled onions, Swiss cheese and Pesto dressing
$180 Pesos

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken breast with black forest ham, Swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato
$195 Pesos

Grilled chicken breast, provolone, lettuce, tomato, mayo BBQ sauce and onion rings.
$195 Pesos

Grilled Chicken breast, grilled pineapple, Sweet Chile sauce, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo
$195 Pesos

Inside Marisol Hotel
off Paseo Malecon
San Jose West Of
the Hotel District,
San Jose Del Cabo

Hours of Operations

Tuesday thru Sunday
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
(Closed Monday)


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